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JosieOur incense is made in Auburn, Maine.

First, balsam branches are brought to us by local woodsmen, where they are then ground and dried. It is next pressed into incense molds and finally dried… That’s it! No chemicals are added to our incense, and is 100% natural and sustainable!

We also use the balsam in our pillows. We make souvenir pillows that are stuffed with the balsam fir. They are great as gifts, or an aromatic delight in a drawer, closet, or car.

When people walk through the doors of our plant they are amazed at the smell of the balsam.

We also have a sewing room at the plant. Pillows are custom made per order. The pillows are filled and stitched right here in Auburn, Maine. During our busy season it looks a bit like Santas Workshop, with all of the stitchers busy.

We have a 5-star employee here at Paine Products, Theresa (Terry) Cote. Only 93 years young, Terry has been our foremost employee for 25 years. She is the first to arrive each day to open the plant, and is regularly the last one to leave. She works harder and faster than anyone we know, and has a heart of gold! Her dedication to our company has paid off, and we cherish her presence every day.



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